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Do products purchased on Apos Audio have a warranty?

All products purchased on Apos Audio include a standard 1st-year manufacturer's warranty as well as the Apos Audio 2nd Year Warranty*. Apos Certified and Apos Specials products, however, have their own separate warranties, which you can read about here.

As the authorized US retailer for the products we carry, we have direct access to the manufacturer's resources to troubleshoot, repair, or replace defective products under the manufacturer's warranty. 

If you experience any issues with your product and it’s within the two year warranty period, please contact Apos Support for assistance. 

*The only exception is vacuum tubes, which are a consumable item and therefore only eligible for a 60-day warranty. A tube amp purchased with the vacuum tubes, however, is still covered under the Apos 2-year transferable warranty. 

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