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What if my purchase arrives defective?Updated 2 years ago

We understand the frustration of waiting days for an item to be delivered, only for it to arrive defective. We want to alleviate this frustration as much as possible by helping you return DOA (Defective-on-Arrival) items and replacing them with fully functional ones quickly and at no additional cost.

1. Make sure your product qualifies

The product you are filing for DOA must meet the following criteria to qualify:

  • The defective product is otherwise in complete and like-new condition.
  • All of the product’s original packaging is in complete and like-new condition.
  • Everything that came with the product is included within the original packaging. This includes manuals, power cords, and shipping components.

2. Submit a DOA request 

  • A DOA request must be made to the Apos Support Team within 7 days of the delivery of the order.
  • To expedite this process, please be sure to include a detailed description of the issues as observed. Visual aids such as pictures and videos are welcomed and appreciated.
  • We’ll provide a free prepaid return shipping label for you to return the defective items.

3. Send it back

  • The return shipment must be dropped off within five days of when the prepaid shipping label is provided.

4. Resolution

  • We’ll send you a replacement once we receive the item. Your replacement will be shipped at the shipping speed of the original order. If Express Shipping was selected for the original order, the replacement will also be shipped with Express Shipping.
  • Alternatively, you can request a full refund. The full refund would include the cost of the shipping upgrade as well as sales tax, where applicable.

5. Limitations

  • Apos reserves the right to charge a Processing Fee or reject the return if it arrives with critical components missing and/or in a condition beyond normal wear and tear.
  • We are only able to grant a maximum of 3 return requests within a 24-month period. If the customer seeks a full refund, the return will be counted as one returned order against the customer. If the customer seeks to replace the item, the return will not be counted as one returned order against the customer.
  • If the returned item is part of a bundle, the remaining items that are not part of the return will be charged at their full retail value.
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